Purple Hibiscus Kambili

Topics: Anger, Political corruption, Automobile Pages: 1 (535 words) Published: April 27, 2014
How do you think Kambili is affected by the political situation in the novel/ Kambili is massively affected by the political situation it has and will continue to massive change her life and who she is allowed to live it. Kambili at the start of the novel is a fifteen year old girl and painfully shy. She lives under the strict catholic rules of the father who expects his children to succeed at all costs. Father would often force Kambili to do things which are shown during when Kambili had to drink a really hot drink but Kambili completely just dismissed that it was hot and said “….my raw tongue suffered. But it didn’t matter because I knew that when the tea burned my tongue it burned Papa’s love into me.”PG 8. Not only is she a girl who isn’t given much love by her father, she also doesn’t really have a voice because she is sacred and brainwashed. Both Kambili and the nation are in a time of dramatic changes. Nigeria’s political climate and the drama of Kambili's family, the Achiki family, and massively linked. During this political change many coups took place one of which culminates in military rule. Papa and his paper, the Standard, are critical of the corruption that is ushered in by a leader who is not elected by the people and ironically, Papa is a self-righteous dictator in his own home. By papa being a self-righteous dictator in his own home it affects Kambili and makes her live a life that Papa wants her to live. Papa is wrathful towards his children when they stray from his chosen path for them. During the novel Papa we can see papa’s wrath when Kambili didn’t come first. Papa was angry, disappointed, he had no sympathy and we know this because Papa called Kambili upstairs and said “Kambili….You didn’t put in your best this term. You came second because you chose to” PG 42. In the wake of Ade Coker’s death, Papa beats Kambili so severely she is hospitalized in critical condition and this is all a backlash of Kambili don’t coming first which clearly...
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