Purple Cow

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A Purple Cow
A “Purple Cow” for a person, company, or product is someone or something that no one has seen before. Also, it can be the thoughts or uniqueness of that person, company or product. A “Purple Cow” is a remarkable idea or product that is worth talking about, or paying attention to. Boring products and ideas become invisible to the market. Example of a “Purple Cow” is the ipad, Steve Jobs for conducting and bringing the ipad and iphones to life, also the company itself would be as well. Remarkable marketing would need to be taken into consideration when having a “Purple Cow” on your hands. This would require an art of building advertisement worth noticing into your product or service, not just slapping on the marketing function as a last-minute add on. You have to understand from the outside perspective if what you are offering is not remarkable, then it is invisible to the target market no matter how much you spend on well crafted advertising. You must be or have a “Purple Cow” to be successful and be able to participate in the competitive market we have today.

The one sure way to fail is to be boring. Your one chance for success is to be remakeable and to be a “Purple Cow”. That means you have to be a leader. You can’t be remarkable by following someone. One way to figure out a great theory is to look at what’s working in the real world and determine what the successes have in common. These are the ideas and the starting foundation of questions you need to ask yourself in creating the ideas and products that this world is still looking to fulfill the niches that our world is still lacking to this day. The hardest part is being able to recognize what those niches are and being able to fill them with a remarkable product that the world has yet to see, just as Apple and Steve Jobs had done. They created a company and multiple products that are unique and very reliable with the software and accessibility of those products as...
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