Puritans: Massachusetts Bay Colony and New England Colonies

Topics: Massachusetts Bay Colony, Massachusetts, New England Pages: 2 (847 words) Published: September 26, 2010
From 1630 to about 1643 Puritans were coming to America for mainly religious reasons. This movement was called the Great Puritan Migration. The Puritans did like the way the Anglican Church was being ran, so they many of them came to America and set up the Massachusetts Bay colony. The leader of this Colony was John Winthrop. The Puritans believed through religion and hard work they could build a perfect commuity. The Puritans influenced the political, economic, and social development of the New England colonies using religion.

The Puritans had many influences on the political outcome of the New England colonies. The Puritans form of government was almost like a theocracy which is a form of government in which god is recognized as the ruler. Many of the New England colonies made sure that they were not allow there government to come close to this. Nathaniel Ward, in The Simple Cobbler of Aggawam (Doc G) was trying to say that the state laws should go along with the morals of the church or many bad things will happen. Even though Nathaniel Ward said this, many colonies had religious tolerance so they did not base their state laws off the churches morals. John Cotton, in "Limitation of Government" (Doc H) is saying that the power of government should not be that great because man will abuse it. In a way this is kind of like a democracy which the New England colonies will have governments that are very similar to it. In (Doc F) Roger Williams, is saying that a state should have only one religion, and that if you have more than one religion in a state it will only start a war. This shows that Puritans were not tolerant of other religions. But many people thought there should be religious tolerance, like Roger Williams who was exiled by the Puritans to Rhode Island. Rhode Island was one of the first colonies to have a separation of region and state which made it a place for freedom of religion.

The New England colonies were influenced moderately by the...
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