Puritans' Influence on New England and Our Country Today

Topics: Religion, Freedom of religion, Christianity Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: May 4, 2014
Before the 17th century, no real colonies were developed (excluding the Native Americans) in the Eastern New England area. That is, until a few colonies started popping up here and there along the coast. These small groups of people grew and grew to become very large very quickly. This was mainly due to the political, economic, and social influences of the Puritan people coming to the Americas at this time. Politically, through their obedience to authority, the idea of a liberty of conscience / religious freedoms, and their restriction of concentrated power. Economically, mainly by their reason of coming to the Americas and colonizing, and politically, through their overall unity / togetherness, and their focus on keeping their God and their religion the center of their lives.

The Puritans’ influence on New England was mainly political. As a Protestant group of people, they believed in a God, or a Supreme Being, and acknowledged Him as their superior. They also applied this to all other higher authorities by respecting those at a higher rank than their own. As stated in the Salem Covenant of 1636, “We do hereby promise to carry ourselves in all lawful obedience to those that are over us...” (Doc C) they promised to obey those with a higher authority. But, they made sure that one man did not have too much power or authority, because power can eventually lead to corruption. “... give mortal men no greater power than they are content they shall use -- for use it they will....give as much power as God in His word gives to men....” (Doc H) They followed God's’ word in allotting power to prevent corruption due to too much power. The Puritans also established an important principle still used today. That is, the principle of Religious Freedom, or of a Liberty of Conscience. One of their main reasons for coming to settle here was so they could have their own religious freedom, without any persecution from others. Roger Williams declared that “God requireth not a...
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