Puritans Anne Bradstreet

Topics: Puritan, New Testament, Marriage Pages: 4 (1321 words) Published: June 17, 2012
Puritans: Christian Believers
During the 1600’s the Puritans were a group of people who came from England to get away from the Church of England. Their ideas and beliefs played a huge role in their relocation to the New World. The Puritans felt as if the reformation of the Church of England had not gone far enough, and that the Church of England was tolerant of practices of the Catholic Church. (Baym 58). Anne Bradstreet was apart of this migration to the New World. Anne Bradstreet‘s literature such as , To My Dear and Loving Husband, To My Dear Children, A Letter to her Husband, Absent upon Public Employment, focused on her observation of living in a Puritan society. There were three very important parts of Puritan culture religiousness exclusiveness which was the foremost principle of their society, as well as the role of a woman in marriage and family, education, and nature.

Religious exclusiveness was the center of Puritan beliefs. In Bradstreet’s short story, To My Dear Children, she gives many examples of how important God was and the Devil was behind every evil deed. “If at any time I was overtaken with the evils, it was as a great trouble, and I could not be at rest till by prayer I had confessed it unto God” (Baym 111). Everything centered in her life was already pre destined according to Puritan beliefs. As she continued to write in her short story, To My Dear Children, I believe she is trying to teach them the only way to be successful in life was by following The New Testament scriptures. “I also found comfort in reading Scriptures, especially those places I thought most concerned my condition, and as I grew to have more understanding, so the more solace I took in them” (Baym 111). Anne Bradstreet was sick at the time at the end of the short story she wrote, “This was written in much sickness and weakness, and is very weakly and imperfectly done, but if you can pick any benefit out of it, it is the mark which I aimed at” (Baym 114). Bradstreet...
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