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Have you looked back on history and wondered what a certain era was like? Have you ever questioned if you yourself have ancestors from a certain group of people. Puritans were around many years ago. We have learned many things from them, including the type of people they are, the religion they practice, and their views on education. Puritans have always been very religious. Sex and clothing were two huge aspects of their life that showed there conservative lifestyle. For clothing, they went about how you dressed according to what social class you were in. In the article, it states, “Most restrictions on dress which were imposed were for purposes of class differentiation rather than for ascetic reasons” (Wilson29). This statement showed that you would be able to see what social class they were in just by their appearance. People of a higher class were able to wear their hair long. They were also able to wear gold or silver lace, silk or tiffany hoods, and also scarves. If you were in a lower class, you were not given all of these privileges. Other than clothing, sex was a major part of their culture. Sex, to the puritans, was not something to do as pleasure, but simply a method for a couple to reproduce. Marriage and sex went hand in hand for most puritans. You were not allowed to act out sexually unless you too were married. Though this was a strict rule they lived by, the puritans were still very religious and believe in the forgiveness of sins. It states that there were “literally hundreds of confessions of premarital sexual relations in the extant church records (Wilson31). This I think is a strong statement that shows the puritans had very strict rules, but understood people sin. Though they do forgive sin, there are some things that the puritans cautioned and legislated.

Being drunk is something that the puritans looked down upon and tried to control. Drinking socially was acceptable, but when people became too drunk, problems became prevalent. When...
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