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Role of Women and Children
Women did not play a leading role in Puritan society, yet they were more supportive in the home; Puritan society did not value them as equal to men. However, throughout time the privileges and expectations of women have changed drastically. Some of these improvements are based on the geography of the culture. Societies have grown and changed at varied rates throughout history. Women were expected to marry and raise a family. It was not always their choice as to who they married or how they were treated in the home. Household duties and care of the children, as well as of the men, was their primary focus. They had to be able to provide clothing, food and medicines from what they had. Religion in these Puritan societies was a primary drive in daily life. All homes followed basic rules of the church. Puritan women were very hard working members of the society and of the home, yet, they had no rights and were often mistreated. The beginning of immigration and the practice of indentured servitude changed the structure of Puritan society drastically as it altered the ages of marriage. The changes in society came about slowly and through increased education as well as with rising expectations of human rights.

Women in puritan society had very little, if any, legal rights. Women were often looked down upon. The privileges between women now and then have changed drastically. Education is a big part of life, and so both genders have equal education, however, most privileges were not equal. Men were the ones who handled money; women had to ask to handle any portion of the money if they need it. Women were also controlled by the fact that they were not allowed to vote. Now, women are allowed to vote and are even allowed to run for president. Taking Ann Hutchinson for example, (need more here) There was a huge change when The nineteenth amendment was ratified in 1920 when women were given the right to vote, wich added to women’s independence....

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