Puritan Values And Beliefs

Topics: God, Christianity, Jesus, Religion, Bible, New Testament / Pages: 2 (435 words) / Published: Jan 21st, 2016
Fulfilling a thirst for the devotion of God formed the Puritans beliefs and values. The Puritans strongly believed, that God intervenes actively in their life’s. They believed that God is present in every human action and natural phenomenon. Punishments would come upon them as the wrath of God or a reward. No one could know whether or not he is predestination for salvation, but when one obeys God's will and succeeds in his life he probably is. As a result, the Puritans tried to obey every single word from the bible. That produced strict laws and moral codes resulting in values which were held in their community. Whats more was, they had a strong work ethic. They were very disciplined, worked hard, and didn't spend their money for their own pleasure. …show more content…
Everyone should be able to read and understand the bible, because they believed in the "priesthood of all believers". This means, there were no differences between minister and farmer, every Christian had to follow God's will. Puritans saw everything as either God's work or the devils doing. To their mind, the devil was behind every evil action trying to lead them astray. Each Puritan person continuously reads the bible, pray, and go to church, in order to avoid the devils influence. They were afraid of everything that could contain evil, like witchcraft, pagan or occult rituals and practices. The Bible was their sole authority, and with these beliefs, they believed it applied to every area and level of

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