Puritan Influence

Topics: Massachusetts Bay Colony, Massachusetts, Puritan Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: October 7, 2010
When the Puritans made their arrival in the New England colonies in the 1600s, they wanted to take control, because they could not get any respect in England. The Puritans began to push their political way on the New Englanders, and they began to have economical hardship. New England also developed a new social life with the help of the Puritan influence.

In the Massachusetts Bay Colony they had limited, but important democratic actions. The male members of the Puritan Church, had the right to participate in elections of Governors’ and the representative assembly, which excluded part of the population from the political procedure. Only the male property owners could vote for representatives; female or landless males had few rights, and indentured servants and slaves had no rights at all.

The Puritans wanted to purify the New World. John Cotton “Limitation of Government,” 1665 stated “. . . for whatever transcendent power is given will certainly overrun those that give it and those that receive it. . .” The New England government was made up of Puritans, and whenever they had to make a choice, it went through England Parliament. The New England semi-government felt that it was not right, because it defeated their purpose of their arrival. Anne Hutchinson held conservative views that challenged the authority of the clergy and the very integrity of the Puritan experiment in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Puritans in England had suffered too much at the hands of a “political” Anglican clergy to permit in the New World another unholy union of religious and government power. The colonists then introduced the idea of church and state.

Traveling place to place put a strain on the Puritans wallet. The Puritans believed that they should just go to church and do good deeds. They wanted to everything handed to them. The New Englanders was not falling for it, because they knew they had to go to work to earn a living. The puritans realized that they were not going to...
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