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Topics: Difference, Human, Chinua Achebe Pages: 2 (807 words) Published: November 23, 2014
Lucy Zheng
English 11 – Period 1
Oct. 12, 2014
Puritan Poems Compare and Contrast Essay
“What a country needs to do is be fair to all its citizens – whether people are of a different ethnicity or gender” by Chinua Achebe. This quote refers to the need of equality. During Anne Bradstreet’s and Edward Taylor’s time, equality was not something people have thought of; due to the unbalanced power between men and women, Bradstreet’s and Taylor’s poems shows many differences while still have some similarities. During the Puritan age, the literatures focus on praising and believing God. Anne Bradstreet and Edward Taylor wrote many poems related to God, however, there are similarities and differences between the two poets’ poems. An important element to think while reading their poems is that Anne Bradstreet is a woman; it is rare to see a woman have published works during that time period. On the other hand, Edward Taylor is a man and is free to publish his works. Three topics that can be compared and contrasted in Anne Bradstreet’s and Edward Taylor’s poems are purpose, tone, and audience.

The purpose of the two poems seems different; however, it is the same because both authors are trying to describe the relationship between God and humanity. In “To My Dearing and Loving Husband” by Anne Bradstreet, she tries to express that her marriage is like the relationship between God and humans. The last line of the poem says, “That when we live no more, we may live ever. (Bradstreet 12)” On the surface, this sentence seems like it is saying that her husband and her will live forever even after they die. However, if one interprets this sentence to a deeper meaning, this is saying that if humans are saved, they will live with God forever in heaven. After all, Anne Bradstreet is trying to express the relationship between God and humans. Similarly, in Edward Taylor’s “Huswifery,” he also infers the same idea. Edward Taylor begins with, “Make me, O Lord, thy Spinning...
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