Puritan Effects

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TOPIC: In what ways did the ideas and values held by the Puritans influence the political, economic and social development in the New England colonies from 1630-1660?

6) Puritans had a strong influence of their ideas and values during 1630-1660 in the New England colonies. They had political, economical, and social influence throughout their religious values. 7) Documents A-J

a. Document A.
b. John Winthrop wrote that they should work together and help each other out so that god will help them and guide them to the right path, just as the Puritans believed that everyone should believe in god and so they had school to teach children about god and the Bible. c. Puritans were a religious based group that wanted everyone to follow their religion, Christian.

a.Document B.
b.The Puritans built school to teach their kids about the Bible and religion, as showed in the picture, they have a school in that town. c.They built a school in every town with fifty or more farms in it.

a.Document C.
b.The church was like the government and it had the laws, as in the this document, the colonies agreed to follow the religious rules of the church. c.The Puritans were really strict and did not tolerate any badmouthing to their religion.

a.Document D.
b.As in this document, the people praised god after a victory because the church taught them that. c.The church referenced that god helped them throughout their wars and battles and the colonist were not to speak ill of their religion or god.

a.Document E.
b.The Puritans wanted their ministers to be educated and therefore, as stated in the document, the first college was built, Harvard. c.Puritans tried to stress religion as much as they could, they even tried to teach it to those in school.

a.Document F.
b.Puritans did not like the idea of religious freedom, but the Roger Williams is pleading to be free of religion in this document. c.Puritans believed that religion is the main idea of life...
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