Purifying Used Cooking Oil

Topics: Water, Cooking oil, Frying Pages: 3 (783 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Statement of the problem:
This study aims to test ginger as purifying used cooking oil. Specially, it seeks to answer the following questions:
1. Is there a possibility of purifying used cooking oil using sedimentation method? 2. Which of the following will be effective in purifying used cooking oil? Setup1 (sedimentation was done once)

Setup2 (sedimentation was done twice)
Setup3 (sedimentation was done thrice)

Significance of the study:
The used cooking oil cause problem to the kitchen pipes, clogging them and creating odors, therefore all of us, the students should do campaigns of information so our people understand the need to recycle the used cooking oil. Some of the products that we can get from recycling used cooking oil are: detergents, candles, soap, paint, waxes and varnishes. We can get fertilizer for the agriculture too.

And very important it can be recycle to make bio-diesel for engines in general. For every liter of used cooking oil that is recycle, one liter of bio-diesel can be produce.

Scope and Delimitation:
This research is all about purifying used cooking oil. This study is only limited to determine the sedimentation method as a method for purifying used cooking oil. There are three different used in this study namely; Setup1 (sedimentation was done once), Setup2 (sedimentation was done twice), and Setup3 ( sedimentation was done thrice)

Purifying Used Cooking Oil
Chapter I
Oil used in cooking oil food is commonly derived from vegetables. Cooking oil are high in fat calories. Unsaturated and saturated oils have approximately the same number of fat grams and calories, according to the calorielab website. Olives, safflower, corn, cottonseed, canola, sunflower seed, soy palm and coconut oil all contain about 13.5 grams fat and 120 calories per tablespoon. Cooking oil is commonly used for frying . Oil used for frying is thrown away. The purified oil was compared to...
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