Purchase Order Entry

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Purchase Order Entry FunctionUse this task to enter purchase order information, such as vendor name, required dates, item information, purchase terms, etc., or to create, change, inquire, or delete purchase orders. Information may be accessed by vendor, purchase order number, or by requisition number. Purchase Order Entry features appear in two tabs; Miscellaneous and Dropship. => To access this task...Select Purchase Order Entry from the Purchase Order Processing Main menu. Purchase Order Entry About the FieldsPurchase order entry is divided into three sections: Vendor Information, Purchase Order Detail, and Item Detail. In the vendor information fields, name, address, purchase address, and purchase order number of the vendor you select is displayed; also the name, phone number, and fax number of the contact person for the vendor. The purchase order detail section includes shipping information, such as terms, dates, ship-to address, and so forth. The detail lines of the purchase order appear in the item detail section. Purchase order entry must be begun from the Purchase Order Number field.  When using the Purchase Order Number field, entering a purchase order automatically displays the vendor and possible requisition number and all details associated with the order. Use the navigation keys at the bottom of the window frame to move through existing purchase orders. Attempting to move past the Purchase Order Number field without entering or navigating to a valid record causes the system to issue the prompt  - Assign the new Purchase Order Number? - the assumption being that the user is ready to enter a new purchase order. Vendor DetailThe following field descriptions are based on a purchase order entered from the Vendor field. In the Purchase Order Number field... * Enter a valid purchase order number. * Click the record navigating buttons;  to view the first record,  to view the previous record,  to view the next record and  to view the last record. * Press [Tab] to create a new purchase order using the next unassigned sequential number. * Click  to select from a list of purchase orders. * Click the "Close Window" button to close the task. In the Address field...Display only. Shows the address of the vendor. In the Contact field...Display only. Shows the name of the vendor contact. In the Telephone field...Display only. Shows the phone number of the contact. In the Fax field...Display only. Shows the fax number of the contact. In the Comments field...Display only – If the Display Vendor Comments? field is checked in the Application Parameters task in the Maintenance folder the comments for this vendor are displayed. In the Total Amount field...Display only. Shows the dollar total for this purchase order.To change or delete this purchase order, you must first update the PO Receipt Register or delete the receipt transaction. * Press [OK] to access the PO # field again. When entering an existing purchase order, the purchasing detail information is displayed. If a purchase order number that does not exist is entered, the system issues the prompt::   * Click [OK] to return to the purchase order number field Miscellaneous Tab In the Order Date field... * Enter the order date * Press [Tab] to accept the default of the current date. * Click  to select a date using the calendar tool. In the Date Required field... * Enter the required date for an order. * Click  to select a date using the calendar tool In the Delivery Promised By field...This field is optional. * Enter the promised by date. * Click  to select a date using the calendar tool. In the Don’t Deliver Before field...This field is optional. * Enter a date before which delivery cannot be made. * Click  to select a date using the calendar tool. In the Receipt Date field...Display only. Shows the date of the last receipt for this purchase order. In the Vendor Ship Via field... * Enter up to 15 characters for shipping. * Press [Tab]...
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