Topics: Computer graphics, Affine transformation, Projective geometry Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: November 17, 2013
Tentative Oral Questions of Computer Graphics LAB for
Internal and External Practical Exam

1. Define Computer graphics.
2. Can you tell me which major components (hardware and software) needed for computer graphics? 3. What are the application areas of computer graphics?
4. What do you mean by scan code?
5. What does refreshing of the screen means?
6. What do you mean by emissive and non emissive display?
7. What is persistence?
8. Give the difference between impact and non impact printers. 9. What is the equation of line in parametric form?
10. What is the need of several line drawing algorithms like DDA and Bresenham’s? 11. Which line drawing algorithm is efficient either DDA or Bresenham’s? 12. Give the limitation of DDA line drawing.

13. What is the difference between Bresenham’s and midpoint circle drawing algorithm? 14. What is the equation of straight line (standard)/circle, ellipse, curve (Bezier & B-Spline)? 15. What is segmentation?

16. What are the components in displaying device?
17. What is homogeneous co-ordinate system & its need?
18. What is translation, rotation & scaling in 2D & 3D?
19. How can I display 3D object in 2D display device?
20. What is projection & tell me the difference between parallel & perspective projection. 21. What do you mean by rasterization?
22. What do you mean by scan conversion?
23. Differentiate between Raster scan and Random scan.
24. What decision parameter does in Bresenham's & midpoint circle drawing algorithm? 25. How can we fill polygon give the methods?
26. What is the slope of the line and how to calculate it in standard form and polar form? 27. What is 2D viewing and 3D viewing?
28. What do you mean by line clipping? (cohen Sutherland/Liang Barskey /Midpoint/Cyrus Beck) 29. Which one is more efficient line clipping algorithm.
30. tell me the limitation of Cohen Sutherland line clipping. 31. What is difference between Reflection & Refraction?
32. What do you mean by specular...
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