Puppy Mills

Topics: Dog, Disease, Puppy Pages: 6 (1939 words) Published: April 14, 2015
Braydey Hodgins
Mr. Wright
English 102
Argumentative Essay
Puppy Mills
Very few people can resist the urge to look at puppies inside the windows of pet shops. However many people do not look at the puppies and wonder where they came from. If you were to look into their background, a vigorous past would appear. Have you ever looked behind the screens to see how the pet shops gain control of the puppies, or what those little guys had to go through to get there? The inflated prices people pay for the puppies do not relate to the hell they were put through. People in the United States tend to focus their attention on other things and are blind to the cruel reality of the ways a puppy is contained in a puppy mill.

First off, you should learn a little about these nasty places. Puppy mills are not a popular topic for most people to be familiar with. Generally speaking, a puppy mill is a large-scale commercial breeding facility for all breeds of dogs. They are where the pure bread puppies are bred. There, most definitely, are other pure breeders that sell their personal litters. However those small scale breeders less rigorous with their animals and the owners build stronger relationships with the animals they own. Those are better cases. But in a typical mill, abuse, exploitation, and neglect are common ways animals are treated in mills. Along with the terrible treatment, insufficient amounts of sanitation, food and veterinary care are provided for the animals. Dogs are forced to produce puppies at a repulsive rate, receiving little to no rest between female cycles. Sadly, they are bred for pure profit, making the owners more focused on money rather than the well-being of the animals themselves. The owners of the mill do not care about the quality of the purebred dogs; they only care about the quantity. This could make way for a problem. For how little of care and attention the owners put towards their dogs, how are people supposed to trust whether the puppies they are purchasing are really true pure breads. A buyer could simply buy a dog for a decent price and they are tricked into believing it is a pure bred. But the puppy mill owner is being dishonest and selling “fake” pure bred dogs. Therefore they would make more money by lying. When a person takes on the “bigger the quantity, the bigger the profit” mentality, a gravitational pull becomes stronger. The idea in the previous sentence can lead to unnoticed genetic defects, personality disorders, and disease that can be passed on to future generations. The diseases can also be spread through air. Since the puppy mills are typically overpopulated, the diseases can spread rapidly. They also spread rapidly due to the rapid production of puppy litters. Once problems do arise, for instance, social problems, some puppy mill owners will just kill these innocent pups. Killing them makes their job easier. They are always looking for the easy way out and the quickest way to make money. Instead of doing what is best for the animals. Money, time and patience are three assets needed when adopting a puppy that grew up in a mill. Those assets are immensely important because of how much they encounter while they grow up.

The crazy conditions these dogs/puppies brave, in the duration of puppy mill life, are intolerable. Wire cages are used to house all the animals. There is absolutely no protection from Mother Nature. Through the brisk winters, moist spring, breezy falls, and scorching summers, they are supposed to withstand all conditions. There is no choice for the puppies to transition from indoors to outdoors when the weather calls for it. However there are different circumstances. Some mills are strictly indoors opposed to closely outdoor. When housed at an indoor mill, most of the animals may never catch a glimpse of sunshine until they have found a home. Meanwhile, the cages have no bedding to protect the individuals from other factors besides weather. Daily, dogs are...
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