Puppy Love- Super Bowl Commerical

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Love. It’s Makes a Subaru.
Narratives and storytelling make sense to us because it tells us a story in a particular form by using values, ideologies, symbols, social and cultural patterns that we are familiar with. The true great storytellers have long embraced the fact that the most powerful stories happen in the mind of the audience, making each and every story unique and personal for the individual. Stories are important because they are inherent to the human experience (Hamm, 2013). Stories define who we are or tell where we come from. Stories are used to make understandings within the nature of our world. In advertisement the image of love between companionship is used to compare the love between the customers and their brand. Often many of Subaru advertisements used dogs and people to persuade their message that “Love. It’s makes a Subaru. Subaru launched an advertisement that titled Subaru “Best Friends”. This commercial was created by Carmichael Lynch follows a young man over the course of his life experiences meaningful trips and changes in his life along with his loyal canine companion with every mile of the way in his trusty Subaru. This campaign was used to launch Subaru XV Crosstrek 2013 campaign. Five years ago, when Carmichael Lynch launched work with that simple theme: "Love." In the years since, the ads have told touching stories across the four thematic pillars—longevity, safety, versatility and adventure (Nudd, 2013). Subaru marketing strategy is to engage their customer and distinguish themselves from other car brands. One method that Subaru use is a particular narrative of a family. Subaru “Man’s Best Friends” was one of those campaigns that were so well produced. The commercial was released on Sept. 24, 2012. The music that was used in the background is called “The Letting Go” by Mount Moriah. It tells that Subaru owners are a loyal breed and so are their cars. Subaru of America’s researchers discovered that Subaru owners were extremely outspoken about their passionate feelings and strong emotional connections for their cars (Baar, 2013). Often many of Subaru advertisements use dogs and people to persuade their message to that “Love. In this ad, “Subaru, Man’s Best Friend” you will see the car that the owner drives, the owner and his companion, the cabin site that the owner often go to, the owner’s wife and his son. In the first scene, you will see a gentleman pulling up to a cabin site and then you see this adorable chocolate lab pup popped up from the passenger seat. Then they both got out of the car the owner played fetch with his pup. In the second scene, you will see the owner pulling up to the same camp site, but this time he brought a new love interest perhaps it is his wife. After the owner looked in the back of his car and then you will see the chocolate lab, but this time the dog grew up. The puppy has grown in front of our eyes. Later in the third scene: you see the owner, his wife and now he brought his son to the camp site. They all drove up to the cabin and you see the chocolate lab going through his elder years. We watched the dog grow up from a pup to an old hound. Advertisements are structured to boost the value of commodity brand name by attaching them to images that possess social and culutural values: brand-name commodity + meaning of image = a commodity sign (Goldman & Papson, 1996). Goldman and Papson are trying to say that in order to cut through the clutter, the brand need to differentiate themselves from other brands. How can they do that? Brand needs to create meaning of the image in order to establish equivalencies. A brand is based from dreams and desires. A brand allows viewers and consumer to make associations that provoke feelings about the brand, generally to stimulate something positive. The brand is able to associate: values, experiences, allegiances, ranking, power status, and ideologies that we are familiar with in order to make meanings. Thanks to Subaru's...

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