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Thanks for the mail in regards to my Yorkshire terrier puppies which i am giving out for adoption to any loving and caring home. i still have 2 left, both puppies left are ready to go to any pet loving home.My angels are called Kiki(male) and Tina(female)They are little babies every heart of any family will desire.Thy,ll come along with health documents like. AKC registration papers, champion bloodlines,travel crates with toys and a year guarantee including a hand book on how to raise puppies.Their weigh, Tina 2.9lbs and Kiki2.1lb and will pursue to weigh 4.2ibs w hen full grown.

(Kiki)the male, is a gorgeous pet,loves playing on the lawns,will always eat all his food,he hates being ignored by Tina the (female).Kiki has a fine move, entertains our visitors and is indeed a boo

(Tina)the female,is a proud lady,hates dirty areas,she will always seat on her masters laps especially during movies. Tina hates being called other names and she prefares eating on the dinning ,however she is very careful.

we are a loving and devoted christian family presently in Seattle, WA on a 8 months assignment. I am here in Seattle with the puppies. I have little or no time to spend with them and besides my new home policies is not in agreement in housing pets which is the more reason i am giving them out these angels for adoption. You should understand that i am giving them for adoption because all i expect from you is that you promise and assure me that you are going to take proper care of them and have them spoil,t.We thought selling them will seem as though we are giving our own born children for sale so we need to re home them to perfect homes. If you think you can take great care of the puppies then feel free to come immediately and present yourself and pick them up but if you cannot come over the adoption cost,shipping and change of ownership papers to your location will cost you $300 per puppy and $600 if you have to get them both to be...
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