Puppetry in Pakistan

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Puppetry in Pakistan

Theatre and Performing Arts
In order to understand and appreciate culture, beauty and art one has to study theatre and performing arts. It develops ones personality and teaches you how to critically analyze things. One of the oldest and most important art forms depicting a countries culture is its theatre. The word theatre is derived from the Greek word theatron which means, "Place of seeing". As a performing art it focuses entirely on live performers creating a self contained drama. There are a number of philosophies, artistic processes, and theatrical approaches while creating plays and dramas. Some are based on political or spiritual ideologies while others are based on purely artistic concerns. Some focus on a particular story, some on entertainment while others as a catalyst for social change. Theatre is thought to have had its earliest origins in religious ritual where it was used to enact myths or stories central to the belief of a culture or create comedy through parody of such narratives. It has therefore existed since the advent of man, as a result of the human tendency for storytelling. Forms of Theatre

Since its origin, theatre has taken on many forms, utilizing speech, gesture, music, dance, and spectacle, combining the other performing arts, often as well as the visual arts, into a single artistic form. These components are used in producing theatre which can be done in many ways. Theatre can be performed with no money at all or on a grand scale with multi-million dollar budgets i.e. professional theatre. Then we have the repertory companies. Most modern theatre companies rehearse one piece of theatre at a time, perform that piece, retire it after sometime, and begin rehearsing a new show. Repertory companies rehearse multiple shows at one time. These companies perform these various pieces upon request and often perform works for years before retiring them. The other type of theatre is producing theatre or presenting theatre. A performance requires both a theatre company and a theatre venue. When a theatre company is the sole company in residence at a theatre venue, this theatre (and its corresponding theatre company) is called a resident theatre or a producing theatre, because the venue produces its own work. Other theatre companies do not have their own theatre venue. These companies will therefore perform at rental theatres or at presenting theatres. However many performance groups have challenged the theatre-space and have been thus performing in non-theatrical spaces. These performances take place outside or inside, in a non-traditional performance space, and include street theatre and site specific theatre. Performers are sometimes paid, especially for street festivals, children shows or parades but often street theatre performers are unpaid or gather some income through the dropping of a coin in a hat by the audience. Commercial Theatres in Pakistan

In Pakistan many local and commercial theatres have been working since Partition in 1947. Commercial theatre arrived in Lahore in the early 1980s due to the joint efforts of Naheed Khanum, Amanullah, Mastana and Baboo Baral. While these theatres were functioning in the cities, the rural areas were enjoying the local professionals. The minstrels (bhands) entertained gatherings at wedding ceremonies and rural sports. Heejrras and Behroopias

These along with transvestite artists (heejras) and impersonators (behroopias) still entertain millions of Pakistanis in towns, villages and tribal settlements and are also a part of our indigenous street theatre. Puppetry in Pakistan

Puppetry has been an integral part of our street theatre since Partition. Before contemporary puppetry started folk puppets (katputlis) used to entertain the audience of Pakistan. This art was inherited by Pakistan from Rajistan, a part of the Indian Subcontinent. Ancient Art Form

Puppetry is a very ancient art form, originating about 30,000 years ago....
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