Punishment vs Rehabilitation

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Punishment versus Rehabilitation Paper


Tunisha Coates, Russell Richardson, & Venita Williams

April 23th, 2012

Sylvia Beaver

Punishment versus Rehabilitation

Punishment is a consequence of the offender’s criminal actions. The punishment process depends on the nature of the case and the status of the case during the sentencing process.

Rehabilitation is much more then just being confined to a facility, jail, or prison. Rehabilitation is the process is becoming rehabilitated more then a criminal and pass the point of re-entry to a jail or prison facility.

Deterrence of Crime

Deterrence of crime is the punishment of criminal behavior. Deterrence is the initial response to scare the offender or suspect from certain behaviors, such as repeating a criminal offense. To understand the process and affects of deterrence, the definition has to be explained in detail.

Deterrence:” the act or process of discouraging certain behavior, particularly by fear; esp, as a goal of criminal law, the prevention of criminal behavior by fear of punishment (Garner, 2000).

The deterrence of a case starts within the initial interview process with the detectives.

When a suspect is apprehend participate in a line up if there are witnesses involved or just to be interviewed by detectives , he or she will then voluntary or involuntary give a statement, which in turn maybe the resolve of being scared into admitting that he or she is guilty of a criminal act.

Victims and Victim’s Families

The effects that...
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