Punishment in Prison

Topics: Prison, Criminal justice, Punishment Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: October 16, 2008
Punishment in Prison
The criminal justice system sentences people to prison for various felonious crimes they have admitted to or have been found guilty of. A prison sentence is punishment for those types of crimes. However, for some, a prison sentence in today’s world is nothing more than a vacation from reality. State and Federal Prisons have turned into a recreation hall and free pass from hard labor. Prisons should implement the punishments they were intended for, and that being isolation and hard labor.

With the exception of death row, all prisons offer general recreation. General recreation varies from weight lifting to throwing horseshoes to shooting pool. Is that punishment? It seems to be more like recess to me. Try explaining to the grieving widow of the murdered man how the offender is truly remorseful for his actions while running the bases in a softball game. What about the rape victim knowing her perpetrator is spending day after day lifting weights, getting bigger and badder? Health reasons do require physical activity, but there is a huge difference between physical activity and fun.

As if it is not bad enough for the victims to see the inmates enjoying their time behind bars, they also have to pay for it. Offenders in the prison system often times live better than others do in poverty stricken areas of the world. Inmates receive three square meals and snacks daily. They are furnished with air conditioning, heat, cable television, free showers and clean clothes every day. Prisoners eat, sleep, shower, and play with no concept of what work and responsibilities really are. If inmates need any medical procedures, by law, they must receive it. The inmates are not required to work and pay for the bill. Taxpayers do, and that includes the victims of the perpetrators crimes.

Prisoners seem to have their every need catered to. For some inmates the biggest decision they have to make every day is what television show to watch on cable or how long...
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