Punishment and Homecoming

Topics: Punishment, High school, Homecoming Pages: 1 (450 words) Published: October 29, 2008
Homecoming, we want you back, please don’t leave! Faculty and staff at Thornridge High School are considering canceling homecomings for good due to a few unruly students at the dances. There has been so many fights breaking out prior to and during the day of the Homecoming dance. However, I beg to differ that they should cancel future homecomings. Three reasons our homecoming should not be stopped is that everyone should not have to suffer just because of a few disorderly students, Homecoming is a part of our high school experience, and it has been a tradition since 1909. First, everyone should not have to suffer because of a few disorderly students. Students who are being disruptive should get punished individually not the whole school. Canceling future homecomings will not solve the problem. What will solve the problem is kicking the students out who are not there to have fun and enjoy time with fellow classmates. If everything in this world was stopped due to people being rebellious, this world would not have anything. However, what can occur is punishment for those who are undisciplined and do not have self control. Majority of the students are not being troublesome, therefore homecoming should not be cancelled. Secondly, homecoming is a part our high school experience. When we were in grammer school we looked forward to high school dances. It is something us as high school students looked ahead to attend homecoming when we get back in school. When we graduate from high school, we want to be able to think about how fun homecomings were in high school, not someone taking that memory away from us. If they take away our homecoming, they take away our high school memories. Thirdly, homecoming has been a tradition since 1910. The University of Illinois was the first to plan a homecoming. Homecoming is a custom that has grown slowly thorough the decades. It is a time when students from different grade levels gather together to celebrate school sprit. I feel like...
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