Pumpkin Seed Point

Topics: Hopi, Native Americans in the United States, Navajo County, Arizona Pages: 3 (1047 words) Published: February 20, 2007
Pumpkin Seed Point: Being within the Hopi

In his book published by Sage Books in 1969, Pumpkin Seed Point: Being within the Hopi, Frank Waters documents in detail his 3 year account of living with the Hopi tribe. Many say that his account is perhaps the best, one in which he relives their rich traditions and history. In his work, Waters composes more of a diary involving his experiences with the Hopi. He shares his introductions to various people he meets over his three year adventure. The book was a very easy read that definitely educated me on the Hopi cultures, traditions, and history. This book is a "beautifully written personal account of Waters' inner and outer experience in this subterranean world". Frank Waters, known as the "Grandfather of Southwestern Literature", had many associations with the American Indians throughout his life. His father was part Cherokee Indian. He has written several books detailing personal accounts with various Native tribes. In his Hopi account, Waters spent the majority of the time interacting with the Northern Arizonian Hopi. He refers to them as the strangest, most secretive and obdurate tribe left in the United States. His purpose in writing this book was to record the traditional religious beliefs and instinctive perceptions of life processes of the old wrinkled Hopi. He wanted to educate the whites on Native civilizations. Waters resided in a little house at Pumpkin Seed Point in New Oraibi. It is here that he stayed up many nights recording his experiences in a diary. Waters believes that with the white peoples desperate reliance upon surface physical reality, we seldom perceive that in this Indian sub stream lays an America we have never known. During his encounters with the Native people, Waters acknowledges that in the depths of the Indian soul there lies a mistrust and dislike of whites. "We find ourselves at this great verge, the red and the white, two brothers of a common humanity held apart by...
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