Pump Station Management

Topics: Filling station, Gasoline, Fuel dispenser Pages: 23 (5784 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Gasoline Pump Control System

Software Requirements Specification

Team 12
Tanay Naik, Lucky Nanwani

Table of Contents

2.Overall description2
2.1Product perspective2
2.2User interfaces2
2.2.1Cashier station2
2.2.2Management station3
2.3Hardware interfaces3
2.3.2Gasoline storage tank3
2.3.3Main computer4
2.4Software interfaces4
2.4.1Communications interfaces4
2.5Product functions4
2.5.1Pump interface4
2.5.2Cashier interface5
2.6User characteristics5
3.Specific requirements6
3.1External interface requirements6
3.1.1Pump interface6
3.1.2Cashier interface7
3.1.3Hardware interfaces8
3.1.4Software interfaces9
3.1.5Communication interfaces9
3.2Functional requirements9
3.2.1Dispense gas9 request9 enabled10 amount or volume to dispense (Pump type B)10 taken out of its holster11 pressed11 reached (Pump type B)12 released12 returned to holster13
3.2.2Handle payment13 button selected13 done selected13 request14
3.2.3Monitor tank14 limit reached14 limit reached15 refill15
3.3Performance requirements15
3.3.1Number of terminals15
3.3.2Simultaneous users16
3.3.3Amount and type of data16
3.4Design constraints16
3.4.1Report format16
3.4.2Data naming17
3.4.3Accounting procedures17
3.4.4Audit tracing17
3.5Software system attributes17


1 Purpose

The purpose of this Software Requirement Specification is to establish and maintain a common understanding between the customer, Dr. DeLoach, and the software developers regarding the requirements for the proposed software.

2 Scope

The proposed software is the control system for a series of gasoline pumps to be used at Dr. DeLoach’s gas stations. The software will control many aspects of the gas refueling process including the enabling of each pump for use, starting the pump’s motor, engaging the clutch on each pump which in turn will dispense the gas, displaying the current amount of gas pumped, recording each transaction and archiving the day’s transactions.

The use of this control system will reduce the number of tasks the gas station attendant(s) must perform making the attendants making their job easier and possibly reducing the overhead of running the gas station by reducing the number of attendants needed. The use of this system automates many processes such as measuring the amount of gas dispensed and recording the details of each transaction. This system also increases the quality of the gas being dispensed by not allowing a pump to be enabled if the tank that services the pump is below 20%, because of this the sediment in the bottom of the gas storage tank is never pumped into the customer’s car.

3 Overview

This Software Requirements Specification is organized into two main sections: overall description and specific requirements. The overall description section provides information describing general factors that will effect the requirements of the software. The specific requirements section describes in detail the requirements the software must meet....
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