Pulse Rate

Topics: Blood pressure, Pulse, Heart Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Posture| Time (Minutes)| Pulse Rate(Beats/30 seconds)| Pulse Rate x2(Beats/minute)| Lying Down| 1 | 24| 48|
Standing Up| 1 | 30| 60|

Pulse Rate after 15 seconds of exercise (Beats/15 seconds)| Pulse Rate x6 in order to measure beats/minute(Beats/minute)| 11| 66|

3. Record how long this takes in seconds.
- 38 seconds

4. Calculate the increase in the pulse rate immediately after the 15 seconds exercise compared with your standing rate.

66-60= 6. 6 pulses increased after 15 seconds exercise.

Concept Questions

1. What is blood pressure?
Blood pressure is the strength/pressure exerted by circulating blood on the walls of our blood vessels. It is recorded as two numbers – the systolic pressure over the diastolic pressure.

2. Why is high blood pressure a problem?
When blood pressure is high the heart is working to hard to get blood through your body and can cause heart attacks, strokes and even death, heart and kidney failure. (http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/hbp/bp/bp.htm)

3. Why does increased physical activity raise heart rate? Increased physical activity increases oxygen demand as well as the need to remove excess carbon dioxide produced during cellular respiration. In order to meet oxygen needs our heart rate increases along with other respirations to supply our body with the necessary oxygen. (Muscles require more oxygen for cellular respiration and increased cellular respiration increases carbon dioxide in our body that triggers the increase of breathing and circulation rates.)

4. Why is heart rate lower in an individual who does aerobic exercise regularly? A lot of exercise will cause our heart muscle to pump more blood with each beat/contraction. If the volume of the blood being pumped with each contraction is greater than the rate of our heartbeat will be lower.

5. Why do some people feel faint when they go quickly from lying down to standing? Gravity causes blood pressure in the arteries/vessels...
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