Pulse Jet Engine
Topics: Internal combustion engine / Pages: 3 (585 words) / Published: Oct 29th, 2012

Title of the project : PULSE JET ENGINE


Guide : Mr KARTHIK(M TECH) assistant professor

Keywords : Thrust, hydrocarbon fuels

1. Introduction :
A pulsejet engine is a form of pure-thrust jet engine which works by ejecting hot exhaust gases intermittently out of the end of the engine.Pulsejets, as their name suggests, favour intermittent or pulsating combustion rather than the continous,constant pressure combustion utilised in ramjets and gas turbines. Intermittent combustion has the potential of having a higher thermodynamic efficiency than continous combustion. “because of the deflagrating nature of pulsejet combustion, these engines are extremely efficient combusters, producing pratically no hazardous pollutants, even when using hydrocarbon fuels”.(El-Sayed,2008)
A system of flexible valves are used at the front of the engine to prevent exhaust gases from exiting out the front of the engine and to allow fresh air charges to enter the engines during the intake phase. The pulsejet is extremely simple mechanically, as it contains only one moving part but its operation is complex and relies on many processes working together in harmony.
2. Literature review :
The vast majority of available research regarding pulsejet engines was conducted between 1944 and 1970. This is mainly due to lack of commercial interest in pulsejets for aircrafts propulsion after this time. Many research papers from that time. Many research papers from that time period were studied as part of the research for this project.
Much research on pulsating combustion has been carried out since the early 1980s as part of Pulse Detonation Engine(PDE) development. However, since the research is still ongoing, most of this information is classified and could not be accessed for use in this project.
In recent years, some work has been carried out by students of north carolina

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