Pulse and Heart Rate

Topics: Blood pressure, Pulse, Radial artery Pages: 4 (794 words) Published: April 24, 2013
BS0005-Physiology PRACTICAL(2012/13) : Measuring Body Parameters

Dates and time: 11th April-11.00-12.30pm (group 1); 18th April- 9.30-11 (group 2); 18th April- 11.30-1pm (group 3); Location: CE201; Staff: Mohammed Meah, Varoopah, Susan Harrison

1. To make simple measurements of body parameters
2. To assess whether they fall in the normal range

In this practical you are going to measure your height (cm) and weight (Kg), % skinfold fat, pulse rate (b/min) and blood pressure (mmHg). Put values on Excel sheet provided.

1. Size

Equipment: Stadiometer; weighing scales.

Measure your height (without shoes) in centimetres (cm) and weight in kilogrammes (Kg). Compare your weight with reference weights in table.

2. Body Composition

a) Body mass index (BMI) is an estimated measure of body fat based on height and weight. It can be used to indicate if you are overweight, obese, underweight or normal. However it will overestimate fatness in people who are muscular or athletic. Using your measured weight in Kilogrammes (Kg) and your height in metres(m), calculate BMI:

BMI = weight/height2

Decide which group you would be in using the following criteria:Underweight=30

b) Percentage(%) body fat measurement using skin callipers (Harpenden): Approx. 50% of the body fat is subcutaneous, so skinfold measurements can give a good estimate of body fat.

Equipment: Skin callipers
Procedure: For each skinfold site (biceps, triceps, suprailliac and subscapular- see pictures) on the right side of body and subject standing, hold skinfold between thumb and middle finger of left hand, calliper in right hand, measure thickness in mm, 3 times, find average, then add the skinfolds and using nomogram, find % body fat.

3. Heart Rate

Equipment: stopwatches

Normal heart rate (HR) varies between 60-90 beats/min at rest. The pulsation caused by the beating of the heart is transmitted in the arteries and can be felt at...
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