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Topics: Assault, Gender, Violence Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: April 22, 2012
English 120
26 March 2012

Why a Peaceful Woman Carries a Gun
Linda M. Hasselstrom made a very convincing argument in her essay, A Peaceful Woman Explains Why She Carries a Gun in the book Patterns for College Writing. Hasselstrom strongly believes women should carry pistols to defend themselves from being attacked or raped. She learned that any female can expect to be criminally assaulted, and women have a fifty-fifty chance of being raped, robbed or attacked. Hasselstrom’s essay had some kind of connection to a very well-known play “A Doll's House.” The play states that every woman and every girl must believe, like in the play that she is not just a wife and a mother but first of all a human being just as must as a man is.

Hasselstorm states that women are getting tired of being abused and treated like they are powerless against men. Women have long been underestimated by most people for the simple fact of not being as strong as men. Machismo is a major contributing factor that makes men have the idea of feeling superior to women. Therefore, Hasselstrom believes a gun can change man’s perception on women being weak and powerless. Most women would have to agree with her, a gun is a powerful tool to have especially in a world like today.

When carrying a gun, Women do not do it because they are looking for a fight, but because they are looking to be left alone. The gun at their side means that women cannot be forced; only persuaded. Also they do not carry it because they are afraid, but because it enables them to be unafraid. It does not limit the actions of those who would interact with them through reason, only the actions of those who would do so by force.

In addition, the threat of violence surrounds women every day. Violence is in our society in home, at work, and on the highways. Woman live in a world where they are teach to protect themselves to avoid being raped or attacked instead of teaching men not to attack women. For...
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