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Puerto Rico: Analysis and Perspectives
Juan Claudio
Springfield College
Human Services Portfolio Development
HUSB 307/S1
Kellee Grucci
November 01, 2014
                                     SPRINGFIELD COLLEGE                                             SCHOOL OF HUMAN SERVICE                                        CLAIM FOR CREDIT-COVER SHEET Student’s Name:  Juan Claudio

College and Course #:                          Course Title:            Credits Claimed: Springfield College, HUSB-136     Puerto Rico: Analysis and Perspectives 3 Verification:

I am able to write this claim about Puerto Rico: Analysis and Perspectives due to my personal experiences and background in my own Puerto Rican community on the island. Being native to the island, I am able to relate to the current and past conditions regarding the political, economic and social history of Puerto Rico and of Puerto Ricans in the United States. Being a resident for 14 years have given me a personal outlook of the social phenomenon Puerto Ricans on the island have endured throughout history. Some of these changes relates to Spain’s colonial oppression to the United States invasion/colonization of Puerto Rico that caused changes in its social, economic, and political structure to the island. From my early school years up to high school, I have learned first-hand and have come to understand a great deal of this social and cultural phenomenon. Following politics and campaigning with my parents and family members during election times gave me an overview of the political process and the issues up for discussion to better our social, economic and political growth. I have learned through my experiences about the importance of the current situation and how it affects the decisions and outcomes Puerto Ricans at home and in the United States face every day. Attending Public forums and demonstrations, which was encouraged by my parents and other family members, helped me understand the importance of the political movement and the choices afforded to better ourselves. 1. Discuss the major historical factors and participants that contribute to the development of Puerto Rican cultural identity. Include information about the discovery and conquest of the island and colonization. How have Indigenous, Spanish and African people contributed to the culture of Puerto Rico. There are many facts and participants that have made a positive contribution to my Puerto Rican identity. I will begin by giving a brief description of Puerto Rico’s discovery and colonization. Also, I will discuss other factors important to the contributions of the Puerto Rican culture. The first subject I will be introducing is our colonization history. My second point to this discussion will touch many factors to our cultural uniqueness and the contributions made by other races or groups in the development of our identity. History established that Christopher Columbus discovered Puerto Rico on November 19, 1493 during his second voyage to the new world. Puerto Rico was named San Juan Bautista by Columbus. The Tainos indigenous people called the island Boriken or Borinquen (Spanish language) which meant “Tierra Del Alto Senor” (“Land of the Noble Lord”). In the years that followed, Spain granted settlement rights to Juan Ponce De Leon in 1508, who established a settlement at Caparra and became the islands first governor.

Caparra was relocated in 1519 to a nearby coastal islet with a healthier environment that was later named Puerto Rico (“Rich Port”) for its harbors and natural bays. The two names were switched over time and the island became Puerto Rico and its capital San Juan. Puerto Rico formed a vital part of the Spanish Empire from the early years of exploration, conquest and colonization of the New World.  Puerto Rico was an important military post during wars between Spain and other European...

References: Puerto Rican Migrants Jam New York . (1947, August 25). Life Magazine, p. 25. Fernandez De Ovideo, G. (1975). The Conquest and settlement of the island of Boriquen or Puerto Rico.
Burnett, C. M. (2001). Foreing in a Domestic Sense: Puerto Rico, American Expansion, and the Constitution. Durham: Duke University Press.
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