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Puerto Rico

By MAPONTE1 Dec 30, 2010 279 Words
Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, to me, is the greatest island on earth. (topic sentence) I was born on the island on a hot August morning in 1975. (supporting sentence) Born a sibling to an older brother, sister and two hard working parents. (supporting sentence) San Juan was the birth city, which also happens to be the island’s capital city. A city that stood out, like a stallion among mules, (metaphor) and like a shooting star in the sky. (metaphor)(closing) By far, the greatest island on earth. (closing)

Like other cultures, many things stand out to make this the greatest place on earth.(topic Sentence) My foremost favorite would be the food.(supporting senence) Our dishes can be labeled as soul food, love food or comfort foods.(supporting sentence) I like to refer to it as a taste of heaven.(metaphor) From our rices, stews, meats or desserts, a person would feel like a kid in a candy store.(metaphor) For anyone visiting this enchanted island, I would recommend stopping at a street cart or restaurant to enjoy these delights. (closing sentence)

When visiting this island, I would recommend relaxing on some of the cleanest beaches in the world. (topic sentence) These crystal clear waters glisten like diamonds on a glance.(metaphor) (supporting sentence) In my opinion, there’s nothing like the view, or the smell of clean water to tingle everyone of your senses. (supporting sentence) Puerto Rico’s beaches are not only places to swim, but places to enjoy family time together. (supporting sentence) So do yourself a favor. Gather the family, purchase airline tickets and come enjoy the greatest island on earth. (closing sentence)

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