Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico
Island currently is a US territory and uses the dollar, citizens travel on US passports as well. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-20238272
After statehood Hawaii’s economy grew almost twice as fast and at a fast rate of 7% per year. The tourism aspect also grew at an astonishing rate of 15% every year for fifteen year. Looking at Puerto Rico’s tourist industry today it is about the same size as Hawaii’s was before Hawaii became a state. This allows for a better economy for Puerto Rico. http://www.puertoricoherald.org/issues/vol2n23/whystatehood-en.html Puerto Rico has become a top destination for Americans to dodge the high cost of healthcare in the US and look to Puerto Rico to fulfill the medical needs For example, for a patient to undergo an orthopedic surgery the cost for the procedure to be completed would be on average 60 to 80 percent less than the U.S. The same standards would be followed with the surgeries at a much cheaper rate. http://nbclatino.com/2013/02/02/new-destination-for-medical-tourism-puerto-rico/ When planning a trip to Puerto Rico the preplanning for the trip is easy, since Puerto Rico is considered a US territory, citizens of the US are able to travel without a passport or travel visa. There is no need to exchange money before leaving for a trip because likewise, they already use US currency. Puerto Rico has a lot of option when planning a vacation, beaches, rain forests and mountains. Puerto Rico likewise, holds strong to their diverse culture. If Puerto Rico was able to accept the sisterhood the ease of transfer would be easy and would aid with the benefit of tourist attractions. Fishing is good all year round

Charter boats for deep-sea fishing area available
Continental shelf is filled with caves, sea walls and coral reefs Snorkeling and scuba diving are popular
When traveling to Puerto Rico if an emergency was to occur one could reach the emergency services by dialing 911....
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