Publix, Case Study

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Publix Case Analysis
June 12, 2012

Publix is the leading employee owned supermarket found in 1930 by George Jenkins in Winter Haven, Florida. Currently, there are 1,051 stores in the five states who operate Publix’s supermarkets, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee. Its promise to commitment has facilitated their success in a being a grand place to work and shop. “Where shopping is a pleasure” is Publix’s slogan which they are known for promising never to disappoint a shopper intentionally. Not only does Publix cater to their customers but their employees as well which has maintained high rate of employee fidelity. Publix ranked number 6 on Forbes list for America’s Largest Private Companies in 2011. The supermarket’s revenue was recorded at $25.13 billion in December of 2011. The majority of the Publix’s supermarkets are located in Florida totaling 757 stores including Green Wise Markets, Publix Sabor, Publix Pix, Cooking Schools and Event Planning. In 2008 Publix announced it would be purchasing 49 Albertson’s, a competitive grocery store which entitled them to control most of the supermarkets in the Tampa Bay area in Florida. Expanding has not been an issue for the dominating grocery store, even throughout the Great Depression era Publix was financially stable. During World War II the only implications Mr. Jenkins faced was finding materials to build more grocery stores but never was it a financial issue. Publix was the leading grocery store chain in central Florida and commenced expanding to southeast Florida by 1959. The supermarket manufactured a distribution center in Miami in 1963 and provided additional services aside from the full bakery such as deli service. The grocery chain expanded to Jacksonville, Florida in 1974 which maximized sales to reach $1 billion. Publix used their marketing strategies to target diverse cultures reeling them into the stores. In south Florida there is a vast majority of Spanish culture. Publix...

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