Public Transportation

Topics: Transport, Automobile, Vehicle Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Nick Conway
English 101 Section 25
Professor Brockmeyer
Car or Bus? The Choice is Yours
Every person uses some type of vehicle for transportation. Among many means of transportation, the most common types are public transportation, such as the MTA, and a person’s own car. Many people choose their means of transportation because of their different aspects of thinking, and also how they live. From a general overview, these aspects can be categorized into comfort, expensiveness and the effects on the environment. Both types of transportation have their benefits and detriments. These properties need to be examined in order to evaluate the most appropriate means of transportation that will fit one’s lifestyle. One of the areas that one should investigate is the comfort of the different vehicles. People, of course, would like to use their own cars because they are more comfortable than the public transportation vehicles. People feel more comfortable because they are alone in their private cars and can do whatever they want. They can listen to whatever radio stations they want. They do not worry about whether they have to find a seat on the bus, or if they have to stand. They can make telephone calls in their own cars. They don’t have to wait for or try and catch a bus. When we consider the situation from this aspect, private cars are a much better option for a means of transportation. Another point of comparison is the expensiveness. Contrary to comfort, when one consider the cost, one can conclude that public transportation should be chosen. The bus holds and transports more passengers in comparison to a personal car. Thanks to their transportation capacity, energy saving and cheap cost of transportation are possible with buses and public vehicles. Therefore, staff and personnel transport services and student transport services are performed through these vehicles very cost effectively. The environmental effects of public and private transportation are...
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