Public Transport Infrastructure

Topics: Economics, Economy, Gross domestic product Pages: 4 (1585 words) Published: January 6, 2011
What are your views on the development of public transport infrastructure in enhancing the future economic growth and development of the 2 countries? This issue shall be discussed together in context of 2 case studies, China (Article A) and Malaysia (Article B). Economic growth and development of a country go hand in hand; development of a country is a process of change and the growth of the economy will inevitably bring about urban change in an environment which aims to improve the standard and quality of living of the people. Infrastructure is the basic network of public facilities upon which nearly all economic activities depend on. In a narrow context, public transport infrastructure refers to transportation services which facilitate movement of people, goods, services and trade. Going by these definitions, yes, with better city planning of public transport networks, a country can accommodate both higher economic activity and a higher quality of life for its residents. The efficiency of public transport is in that it has the capacity to accommodate the increasing demands for travel, as seen in a simple analogy that a train can carry much more passengers than a car. As reported in Article A, the “ageing national railways in China have long been straining under the growing weight of rising numbers of commuters and cargo.” Traffic congestion as a result of inadequate transport networks being unable to cope with the demands of an urbanizing population, has been identified as one of the urban challenges faced by many developing cities. The increased time and distance to make a journey can be a major economic handicap to businesses and puts its workforce at a competitive disadvantage. When more people use public transport such as buses and trains, the volume of car traffic on roads would be reduced significantly, leading to less traffic congestion. As stated in Article A, journeys previously taking up to 16 hours have been shortened to 3 hours with the...
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