Public Transport: Criticism

Topics: Train, English-language films, Bus Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: February 9, 2014
Public transport is a fantastic idea. It's cheap, it's accessible, it's safe, it's quick and it's better for the environment. If this is the case, then why is it that it's still vastly underutilised by the general public? Well, the description above is wrong. All of these positive statements have actually turned public transport into a nightmare. Whilst on public transport, all I feel is misery and anguish at the prospect of the journey continuing and wondering why I left my car at home. The worst thing about public transport is that anyone can use it-a prospect I don't wish to face. As soon as I step on a bus I can guarantee that I will end up sitting next to something not from this planet. The heavy breathing, humped figure in the distance, screeching something inaudible to the bus driver as it holds up a bit of plastic to the driver's window. It limps forward and sits down next to me as I frantically look for something to do rather than acknowledge the arrival of this creature. This goes for all forms of transport. On the tube very rarely does a journey go by where I don't end up next to someone who has no respect for the concept of deodorant and no balance and therefore will fall into you for the entire journey. And why are people on public transport always so ill? On one journey I have encountered Scarlet Fever, a Whooping Cough and Leprosy, and not one of them knew how to cover their mouths mid-whoop. These are people who take up more than one seat with bags etc, even when they’re forcing someone to stand. This is just greedy, why take up more seats then you need to, especially when it means that another person can’t sit down because of it? It’s just being a bit selfish. I mean, yes, we’d all prefer to have a spare seat next to us, but sometimes we have to make sacrifices for the sale of other. Just put your bag in your lap or on the floor, it’s not that big a deal.

It's not just the people that make public transport horrific; it's the actual...
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