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Public Transport

By najwarusly Feb 19, 2013 532 Words
Public transport can be define as a system of vehicles such as buses and trains, which operate at regular times on fixed routes and are used by the public. In Malaysia, the number of vehicle on the road has been increase in every year. It shows that the public now is affordable to have at least a motorcycle as their daily transport rather than use the public transport. The public should not use the public transport because the risk of being the criminal victim will increase the people need to wait a long time for the public transport and the public cannot have comfort in their journey to their destination.

      Firstly, the disadvantages of using public transport are the risk of being the criminal victim is high .Many criminal case is being reported is causes when the public using this kind of transport. Raped and snatch crime is the most common cases that causes by the public transport. As example, when a woman used the public transport such as bus lonely, she will sit beside someone that she does not know the background, behavior or its intention to her. It is also dangerous when a person in a crowded train, many people around her will take advantage to snatch her wallet unconsciously.

     In addition, when using the public transport, people cannot have a comfortable journey to their destination. Some of the public transport such as bus is usually dirty and smelly. It will make the passenger uncomfortable due to that condition instead they using their own car .Beside that, when there is too much passenger in a train or bus , it is impossible to have a seat although they pay same fare as well as other people. Some special people such as disabled person and old folks may be treated bad when they are in the public transport.

   Moreover, the disadvantages of using public transport are the people need to wait for a long time to have a bus or train. People will waste their time during they waiting for the public transport instead they used their own transport to go whenever they desired anytime. As example, when a person is having an emergency such as death in the family while he using a public transport, it will be take a long time for him to reach his destination on the time.

     However, there is an advantage when using the public transport in which it will prevent the environment from pollution such as air or land. Furthermore, when using the public transport, the traffic jam in a city also can be reduce at the same time because the causes of the traffic jam is when there is too much vehicle entering the city. When there is too much vehicle, the percentage or risk of an accident to occur is also high.

  As the conclusion, the usage of public transport is more contribute to the disadvantages to us. People should emphasize and realize that when they using the public transport ,risk of being the criminal victim will increased , the people need to wait a long time for the public transport and the public cannot have comfort in their journey to their destination.

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