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public speaking speach outline

By longjohn55 Nov 02, 2013 375 Words
I. Introduction

A. Gain Audience Attention: Let me take you back to a decade where music videos made their first debut; where shoulder pads, legwarmers, blue eye shadow and side pony tails were all the rage; where movies such as The Breakfast Club, Goonies, Gremlins and Ghostbusters were released. B. Arouse Interest: By the end of this speech you will have a better understanding of what the 80’s decade did for pop culture. C. Thesis Statement: The 80’s was a decade of historic music, outrageous fashion, and epic movies. D. Establish Credibility/Qualifications (ethos)

1. I experienced the 80’s from the age of three years to thirteen years. 2. I have done a lot of research on the 80’s decades from books and websites E. Preview, or Forecast, Main Points:
1. First, I’m going to tell you how MTV revolutionized the music industry. 2. Then, what made 80’s fashion so notorious.
3. Finally, I will take you through a tour of some of the 80’s most remembered movie flicks. II. Body
A. MTV was a monumental breakout for the music industry in the 80’s. a. MTV launched on August 1st 1981 and has been popular ever since. b. MTV became an influential source of pop culture and entertainment. B. 80’s fashion was fun and carefree.

a. 80’s fashion was filled with fun clothes and hairstyles. b. Some popular items from the 80’s are still worn today.
C. Some of the most famous movies came out in the 80’s
a. There are so many movies from the 80’s that are remembered and still watched today. b. 80’s movies were epic in pop culture.
III. Conclusion
A. I could go on and on about the 80’s, but there isn’t enough time. B. The 80’s was a decade of historic music, outrageous fashion, and epic movies. C. I hope I have brought back great memories for some and have piqued the interest for those of you who may not remember the 80’s like I do. D. Thank you for your time and attention during my trip back in time! a. Now go wipe the dust off your favorite 80’s movie, or make a statement by wearing something radical, or listen to the best of the 80’s station while driving in your car!

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