Public Speaking Practice and Ethics

Topics: Speech, Oratory, Public speaking Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: March 18, 2016
Samantha Meyer
COMM 131
Sam Rubin
MW 5:00-6:15 PM
Spring 2013

Now being in the course Communications 131 for about two and half months, I have had the chance to learn more about public speaking and listen to speeches keep improving. We now finished the “Demonstration / Explanation speeches” and the “Informative speeches” and I got to watch great speeches, average speeches, and speeches that could still progress.

My number one compliment to the class and professor is the style of the class. Communications class and public speaking is a big fear for many people. The class is extremely calm and relaxed but also chaotic and humorous. It is the perfect balance. The continuous laughter and flow of the class makes everybody want to be there, pay attention and surprisingly enjoy each class. Another aspect that strengthens the class is the unity of the class. Everyone is friendly with each other. Not only do we all know each other’s names but everyone’s nickname. This is very important because this helps tremendously with people feeling more comfortable about giving a speech in front of the class and not being as nervous.

I believe there has been improvement in everyone from the first speech to the second. After watching classmates speak, it is the best way to realize things you should or shouldn’t do. Things like visuals, tone of voice, timing, stance, gestures, etc. For example, when someone says “um” a lot or sways back and forth, you make a note in your head not to do the same. Responding to the speeches is also beneficial so you can remember what to do or not to do next time.

I have learned many great aspects about public speaking and how to give a great speech. My career after I graduate is teaching and I have learned many points that will help me every day in my future. Something I never thought about prior to this class is the importance of visuals. I will remember to use visuals and make it appropriate for the age of children I will be teaching....
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