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Purpose Statement: To inform the class on the benefits of replacing your running shoes.

Thesis Statement: With so many different factors that go into determining how long a pair of running shoes last it is important to know why you should replace them how often you should replace them.


Attention Getter: A running shoe’s purpose is to protect the foot and to achieve your maximum potential while running. It’s a question that bugs pretty much anyone who runs: when is a good time to get a new pair of shoes? Hi, my name is Kenya Spevey and I am going to discuss the importance of changing your running shoes. I will be covering why you should change your running shoes and how often you should buy new running shoes.

You know it’s Time to Buy New Running Shoes When…

I. Running in old or worn out shoes can lead to an increase in running injuries.

A. Over time running shoes lose stability and shock absorption capacity.

1. Shoes that don’t support your feet properly can put more stress on your ligaments, joints, arch, knees, ankles and cause unnecessary injuries.

2. Over time such added stress can lead to an overuse injury.

B. Another factor that determines when the best time is to replace shoes is treading wear.

1. Look for creasing of the midsole material, a worn out midsole will have wrinkles and creases there.

2. The soles last longer than the shoe 's cushioning and shock absorbency, so if the soles are worn down, it 's definitely time for new ones.

3. When the Inner Heel is worn, the runner is rolling feet inward; the medial part of much of the sole shoes will be worn.

How Often Should I Replace My Running Shoes?

II. According to most running experts, you should be changing your running shoes every 300 to 500 miles or so.

A. There is a couple of different factors that can make this 300 to 500 mile threshold vary.

1. Running on trails or other rough locations will cause shoes to wear more


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