Public Speaking Diagnostic Questionnaire

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Public Speaking Diagnostic Questionnaire
Answer each of the following questions in complete paragraphs of at least 150 words. QUESTIONs
.1 On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 equaling love it, and 10 equaling hate it, rate your feelings about speaking in front of groups. Explain your reasons for this rating.

When I think of public speaking I do like to do it even though I get nervous every time. I feel that if I had to put it on a scale of one to ten that I would give public speaking a three. I say this because I am a very outgoing person and I have a fun personality. I love to have fun with things and make them interesting and different. I feel better and more prepared each time I go up and talk but I feel that this is going to be such a great class for me and help me push to the next level in my public speaking skills and I am excited to learn new and fun ways to make a presentation interesting.

.2 What type of public speaking, if any, makes you uncomfortable?

The types of public speaking that make me feel uncomfortable is when I am being judged or graded on the topic I am speaking about. Another one that makes me feel anxious is when I do not know the topic very well. Such as different religions or politics are also topics that are hard to talk about because everyone has a strong option on the matter.

.3 What type of public speaking, if any, do you enjoy most?

I like to do motivational topics, sales, and training public speaking. I am going into marketing for my degree so I love to do sales and I used to be a trainer for an outbound sales position at my old job. I like to talk about things that I like and or believe in.

.4 How would you describe your public speaking strengths?

I am not worried about talking to the crowd. I have a louder voice so I have good tone for public speaking. I have confidence that I will do the best that I can and when I know my material then I feel even more confident...
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