Public Speaking

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First of all, I would said Alhamdullilah all the thanks to Allah S.W.T, which is from His willingness that give me the strength and health to do my Individual assignment:

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Then I would like to thanks to my beloved parents which provide all the physical things that may lead to a difficulties and barriers for me if is it not been provided such as money to buy anything that are related to this assignment work and their lovely and motivation advise, which lead for me to have the best spirit and ways to complete this assignment.

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- Persuasion (Based on book “Speaking With A Purpose” By Arthur Koch) *Book/ Article 1

- The Speech to Persuade (Based on the book “Basic Public Speaking” By Patricia Bradley Andrews) *Book/ Article 2

- Persuasive Purposes (Based on the book “Public Speaking: Principle into Practice” by James R. Andrews) * Book/ Article 3

-Persuasive Speaking (Based on the book “Public Speaking” by George Rodman * Book/ Article 4

- Principles of Persuasive Speaking (Based on the book “Public Speaking: An Audience-Centered Approach” By Steven A. Beebe and Susan J. Beebe) * Book/ Article 5

- Persuasive Speaking: Types and Design (Based on the book “Confident Public Speaking” By Deanna D. Sellnow) * Book/ Article 6

- Persuasive Speaking (Based on the book “Public Speaking: The Evolving Art” By Stephanie J Coopman) * Book/ Article 7

- Persuasive Speaking (Based on the book “Public Speaking: Concept And Skills For A Diverse Society” By Clella Jaffe)’ * Book/ Article 8

- Principles of Persuasive Speaking (Based on the book “Public Speaking: An Audience-Centred Approach” By Steven A. Beebe and Susan J. Beebe) *Book/ Article 9

-Article: I speak because There’s a need by Frances James (On the book “The Challenge of Effective Speaking”) * Book/ Article 10

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In this modernity era, communication involvement has been one of the important part of human life’s today, it is been the device for us as a human to interact between one another from all type of community starting from family, friends and etc which lead us to understand each other more better. According to John Dolman (1992) stated that communication can be defined as “means the act of sharing something with others” which come from the Latin word “con” (with) and “munus” (a business), through “communis” (common) and “communico” (to confer or consult with one another). This explains that communication in our life is the main ingredient to send important message which benefits both sender and receiver example like sharing the news of the world with your friends about the current issues that is happening is a definite of communication conversation.

In order a person to communicate well with others human being, ones need to have all kind of communication skills and ways to deliver it in order to...

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