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Public Services

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Assessment Record
Public Services
BTEC Level 3 90 Credit Diploma in Public Services
Learner Name

Assignment title
Crime & Effects on Society
Assessor Name
Chris Beasley
Unit No & title
Unit 12.3 – The Effects of Criminal Behaviour
Target learning aims

Issue date
Tryfan 25/1/15 Snowdon 27/2/15
Submission date
Tryfan 13/3/15 Snowdon 16/3/15
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Public Services
This sheet must be completed by the learner and provided for work submitted for assessment.

Learners name:

Assessors name: Chris Beasley

Date issued: ……../……/………

Completed date: ……/……/…….

Submitted on: ……/……/……
Qualification: level 1 Sport and Public Service
Level 2 Diploma in Public Services Level 3 90 Credit Diploma
Level 3 Extended Diploma

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Please list the evidence submitted for each task. Indicate the page numbers where the evidence can be found or describe the nature of the evidence (e.g. video, illustration, photo) Task reference.

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2014/15 CQF

BTEC Extended Diploma
Public Services Yr 1
Assignment Brief

Chris Beasley
Crime and its Effects on Society
Assignment Title:
The Effects of Criminal Behaviour
Handed out

Handed in:

Submission Deadline:
Tryfan 25th February 2015 - Snowdon 27th February


Tryfan 13th March - Snowdon 16th March 2015

Learning Aim

Know the effects of criminal behaviour on communities

Activity: You are on a work placement at the local Police station. Your supervisor has tasked you with investigating criminal behaviour and its impact on the community including the legal framework that exists to prevent crime and deal with offenders. Your supervisor has asked you to complete the following task:-

Design an information booklet (A4 size) which can be read by victims of crime who attend at the Police station, which clearly describes and analyses the ‘Effects of Criminal behaviour’ on not only the victim but also their immediate family, friends and the community they live and work in. Include the financially, emotionally and physically effects of the criminal behaviour. You should demonstrate your knowledge by using real examples to illustrate your assignment.

To achieve this criteria you must show that you are able to:-

Describe the effects crime has on communities and the individual (P4) Analyse the effects of crime on communities and individuals (M2)

The British Journal of Criminology
Policing and Society
Joyce P – Criminal Justice (Willan Publishing, 2006) ISBN 9781843921820 Moss K and Stephens M (Editors) – Crime Reduction and the Law (Routledge, 2005) ISBN 9780415351447
Mutchnick R – Criminology Interactive (Text + Access Code) (Pearson, 2009) ISBN 9780135057230 Newburn T – Criminology (Willan Publishing, 2007) ISBN 9781843922841

North Wales Police –
Crime and justice statistics Crime reduction news and advice
Crown Prosecution Service Witness Charter guidance
Current law reports (appeals, trials etc) HM Prison Service
Home Office
Home Office – crime and victims Home Office – justice and prisons Home Office publications htm

National Association for the Care and Resettlement
of Offenders-
Office of Public Sector Information –
Public Acts of the UK Parliament -
Police initiatives introduced to target crime
at the front line
Protecting yourself
Sentencing guidelines for judiciary

Consideration should be paid to effective presentation. Attention should be paid to spelling and grammar

REMEMBER – References, Bibliography, Essential Skills and

(P4) Describe the effects crime has on the communities and individuals

Crime has a lot of impact on the victims and other individuals that may be affected.

Elderly, children, different cultures, etc. are all groups of people that are negatively impact by crime, but as they are different, some are affected more and some are not so bothered.

Elderly – elderly people are effected quite negatively by crime, this is because higher expectations of the community and they are a lot more vulnerable. If they are a target of crime they may feel helpless and very afraid. Even if the elderly are not first-hand victims of the crime, they may feel unsafe in their neighbourhood if a neighbour or a relative is a victim. With anti-social behaviour, elderly may be targeted more if they do not speak up for other crimes that they might have been too scared to report. As elderly people a lot of the time, are more fragile, they may be frightened to even leave their home, and might move away from the crime area.

Teenagers – teenagers are affected by crime in different ways, they can be involved in fights and they may be targeted by looking at a criminal in a wrong way. The main way they will be affected by crime is that they could be judged by other generations for being criminals, giving teenagers a bad name. As a result of this, they may pick up on anti-social behaviour as they don’t think it is fair, or to fit in with the other trouble makers.

Children – children are affected by crime negatively as they are very easily into manipulating, they can be brought up to be a criminal just from living next to one. Children are a bit more naive so they may not be scared by the loud music and other minor crimes. A result of this is that parents may move them, which will make them move schools and have to adapt to a new environment.

Different cultures – different cultures are a target of racism which is a bad impact of crime. Someone being targeted for something they can’t change such as their ethnical background or the colour of their skin can make people feel hopeless and scared that the crime will occur wherever they go.

Disabled – disabled people will be very badly impacted by crime as they tend to isolate themselves from other people in the community. As they are isolated, they will not have anyone to talk to about the crime, so they may not even report the crime, or may even be too scared to report it, and again they may feel as if they are being targeted just because they have something different about them that they can’t change, and they may just suffer in silence and fear.

Crime has a massive impact on local businesses that are in areas that are affected by crime.

Local businesses can be impacted very negatively by crime, this is mainly through reputation, if a business is in a highly criminal society, and there will not be a lot of highly paying people. People may think that the business has low standards because of the area that they are in. Relating to the broken window theory, if criminal damage is done to a business, and isn’t fixed or had any punishments towards the criminals, people may think it is okay to create more criminal damage on that business. However if the business stays it may try improve the community and get results quicker than just a regular person complaining about the crime levels would. Overall the impact of crime on businesses is bad as whichever way it goes, it will be a loss of money and it will not be as respected business as a business in a low crime area would be.

Crime also has a major impact on the communities in which crime happen.

The impact does not just only impact individuals and businesses, it will also affect the community as a whole, it can be given up on after a while of heavy crime, and the more time that the crime is going unpunished, the more criminals are going to commit crime. If there are criminals within the community, other people within the community will feel secluded and helpless against the crime resulting in a untrusting and unwelcoming community. This will also make no one want to visit or live there which will affect the community’s income, leading to the area having less and less appeal. The less resources and activities the community has, the less respect people will have for it, leading to more crime.

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