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In this assignment I am going to investigate and learn about the range of leadership styles that are used by the public services. I will use relevant case studies and decide the different types of leadership styles that exist and I will comment on their advantages and disadvantages. The dictionary definition of leadership is ‘Rules, guides or inspires others.’ The Oxford English Dictionary definition of leadership is: [1] "The action of leading a group of people or an organization, or the ability to do this."

Leadership Styles used in the Public Services

AUTHORITARIAN: This style is also know as Autocratic Leadership, it is a dictatorial method of leading, low concern for followers and high emphasis on task, typically reinforced with threat, punishment, and often ruthless exploitation of workers, who have little or no freedom to resist or desert. This style is used when the leader dictates policies and procedures, decides what goals are to be achieved, and directs and controls all activities without any meaningful participation by the employees. Saddam Hussein [2]

Saddam Hussein [2]
Saddam Hussein is a very good example of an autocratic leader as people never questioned and did exactly what he said. Controlled bomb explosion at Staines Park
Example of an autocratic leadership style: Surrey Police and a specialist bomb disposal team arrived on the scene after the suspicious device was found at 3.30pm A specialist Explosive Ordinance Disposal team took the shell to Lammas Park in Staines. The park was evacuated before a controlled explosion was carried out on the shell at 7.30pm. The blast could be heard from miles around, according to residents. See More. [3] Staines Park [11]

Staines Park [11]

It maintains order and discipline, allows public services to be deployed quickly and efficiently. It allows young and inexperienced recruits to know what to do and when to do it. It allows large-scale coordination with other shifts or units, ensures that decisions are made by highest rank and those best equipped to make them. It also enables decisions to be made very quickly. Disadvantages

There are a lot of disadvantages to using this style of leadership. Team members rely on the leader for instructions and do not develop initiative. They have less responsibility for their own actions and may feel angry and resentful at being ordered to perform tasks without any explanation. It can lead to high number of staff leaving or being absent a lot and they may feel devalued and fearful of punishment. Also their morale may decline leading to poor job performance. Opinion

In my personal opinion I think that having an Autocratic leader is a good idea in situations that need to be solved quickly E.G. a car crash or life or death situation. If time was not a problem I think a democratic leadership would be more fitting because you would have the input from the whole team making the job being done in a better quality. DEMOCRATIC: Democratic leadership, also known as participative leadership, it is a style of leadership where the leader maintains control of the group. Employees take a more participative role in the decision-making process. It is not ordered and is a style where employees discus there different views. When the plan of action is formed it is usually executed in an autocratic style. I have found a story that involves the public services and displays an Autocratic leadership. Our current government shows signs of a democratic leadership. To pass a law or policy many people need to work together to make it work. If one person made the decision to pass a law on his or her own many people would not agree with it. Using a democratic leadership is good because it goes though a lot of people and many people get a say on what they think of it and have some input in what improvements need making. Houses Of Parliament [12]

Houses Of Parliament [12]
The participant can result in high motivation of...
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