Public Services

Topics: Constable, Police, Sheriff Pages: 4 (1313 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Lauren Smith
Assignment 1: Understand the need for discipline in the uniformed public services.

What is discipline?
The will to do the right thing in a timely fashion without getting results. Discipline is knowing right from wrong and the responsibilities for your own actions. Discipline controls a person’s behaviour towards everything in day to day life. If someone has the right discipline it will then contribute to keeping that person in line to ensure you get where you want in life. Having full discipline will make sure that you are on the straight and narrow. It will keep your punctuality intact towards yourself, others and the environment. Without discipline, you will think that you can do whatever you want. You need discipline to tell the truth to start off with; this will ensure that you are taking responsibility for your own actions. Adults in the public services need discipline because their own lives and the lives of others are at risk. If they weren’t well disciplined as a force then the public will have a very poor perception upon them. Discipline puts everything in to place ensuring that things are controlled peacefully. Discipline is like a set of rules, rules are discipline and if you don’t follow them then there are consequences. The need for discipline:

Why do orders need to be followed? With orders brings discipline, things become more organised. If you don’t follow orders then nothing will get done. Everyone would be disrespectful and there would be no order. When we follow orders, we have something to follow so we know what to do, we will become organised. Everyone would be disrespectful, not just to things around us but to ourselves and people around us. Consequences of lack of discipline in the public services: Members of the police force behaving inappropriately may lead to a member of the public suffering negative consequences. For example: A police officer does not carry out of their checks necessary after a violent burglary...
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