Public Sector Unionism

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A. Description of the Current Situation

Rates of unionization in the Philippines have increased over the years. However, there is one sector in which organized labors are at historic lows and are unlikely to rebound: government. This has severe implications for the nature of organized labor itself. Unionism grew in the private sector as a result of government support through the passage of laws and the establishment of regulatory bodies intended to encourage the expansion of unionism and collective bargaining throughout the workforce. On the other hand, union organizing in the public sector starterd only after then President Corazon Aquino signed Executive Order No. 180 in pursuant to the Constitutional guarantee to the right to self-organization. |Region |Registered Unions |Accredited Unions |Registered CNA’s | |Region I |56 |9 |2 | |Region II |57 |16 |1 | |Region III |71 |27 |0 | |Region IV |132 |42 |5 | |Region V |64 |16 |3 | |Region VI |73 |11 |3 | |Region VII |82 |22 |5 | |Region VIII |87 |25 |8 | |Region IX |47 |4 |0 | |Region X |53 |15 |0 | |Region XI |100 |32 |7 | |Region XII |50 |16 |3 | |ARMM |2 |0 |0 | |CAR |44 |15 |0 | |CARAGA |17 |3 |2 | |TOTAL |1263 |411 |89 |

Based on the data of the Personnel Relations Office of the Civil Service Commission, the table below comprises the distribution of Registered Unions in the country.

Table 1

The table represents the distribution of public sector unions by regions. Region IV has the most number of unions in the government workforce while the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao only has 2 registered unions.

Table 2

The table above represents the distribution of the unions in the government sector.
Of the 1, 263 registered unions, 38.80 % belong to the National Government Agencies, 35.63% are members of the Local Government Units, 12.27% are from the Government Owned and Controlled Corporations and 13.30 belongs to the State Universities and Colleges.

Of the 1, 263 registered unions, only 411 are accredited. 37.47% of them are from the NGA’s, 32.85% from the LGU’s, 15.57% from the GOCC’s and 14.11 from the SUC’s.
Of the 411 accredited unions, only 89 have registered CNA’s. 38.2% from the NGA’s, 28.09% from the LGU’s, 22.47% from the GOCC’s and 11.24 from the SUC’s.

Of the total of 1, 690 Local Government Units composed of provinces, cities and municipalities; it is staggering to note that only 450 members are registered unions, 135 of which are accredited by the concern agency. And surprisingly, only 25 are registered CNA’s.

The Province of Batangas is one of the 1, 263 registered unions with the creation of Panlalawigang Unyon ng mga Kawani ng Batangas or PUKAW on March 29, 1994.
The assassination of its president led to the inactivation of the union merely a few years after its creation. If its president was killed because of the union,...
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