Public Sector Reform

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White Paper on Public Sector Reform

PHILOSOPHY FOR PUBLIC SECTOR REFORM Government’s policy for public sector reform is driven by a philosophy that makes the interest of the people of paramount concern. The human resource is the most valuable of all national resources. People, whether there are the employers, employees or customers of the public sector, transcend structures, systems, procedures and technology. They are the key elements to the overall success of government’s initiative in public sector reform. The philosophy for Public Sector Reform embraces the view that new values, a sense of mission and purpose and a strong spirit of professionalism, are required to accomplish fundamental changes and improvements in the public sector. Moreover, the government firmly believes that the high reputation which the Barbados public sector has built up over the years, both at home and abroad, for standards of impartiality, loyalty to the government of the day, and integrity, has to be maintained. The belief also reinforces the Government’s commitment to a programme of Public Sector Reform which will sustain those excellent principles governing public sector behaviour whilst changing what is necessary to improve effectiveness, quality of service and generally heighten the level of performance of the public service. The government perceives public sector reform as a compelling mandate for advancing the process of creating a better society in Barbados. It holds the view that public sector reform must be home-grown, participatory and tailored to meet local needs. It sees reform as part of the change process through which the

White Paper on Public Sector Reform

country will be enabled to compete in the global political

economy to increase its economic and social development and better position itself to meet the rising expectations of a modernising people. At another level, the philosophy for public sector reform takes into account the changing role of government in the process of national development. Government believes its new role in a market-driven economy is to provide relevant and better government, promote activities which are clearly developmental, as well as to facilitate and monitor private sector activities in the national interest. It affirms that, quite unlike the private sector, it has a mandate to deal with social demands in a democratic manner, make correct policy decisions and put social and economic institutions in motion. The Government expects to achieve this through partnership and collaboration with the social partners on the understanding that the national interest is given first priority consideration by all parties. The climate in which to achieve public sector reform seems most propitious. It comes at the dawn of the new century, and at a time when economic survival rests on applying the best institutional management practices. Government believes that its role must embrace the careful selection of options in the areas of policy making and facilitating development initiatives. It also recognises that reform will not be substantial without enhancing standards of public accountability and creating opportunities for citizens to participate more effectively in the system of government. The Government has no illusions that the task of public sector reform will be easy.

White Paper on Public Sector Reform

It intends to accord the task the highest priority, pursue the VISION for public sector reform resolutely, and hopefully accomplish the several objectives it has set itself in a timely manner. The Government is confident that through the combined perspectives, efforts, willingness and determination of all the stakeholders working as a team, it will secure the success of the Public Sector Reform Programme.

White Paper on Public Sector Reform

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