Public Sector Management

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Module Leader: Abdullah Al FaruqAcademic Year: 2010- 2011
Title of Module: Public Sector Management
Assessment No: 1
Date of Submission: Level: 7

Learning Outcomes from this assignment:

1. Understand major changes to the public sector since 1995 2. Understand the role of public sector organisations

Assessment criteria

1.1 Identify key issues related to changes since1995
1.2 Identify key problems (from different perspectives) of these changes 1.3 Evaluate the importance of the accountability process arising from modernisation 1.4 Evaluate the impact of key issues (privatisation and Europeanisation) on the public sector

2.1 Describe the difference between private and public sector organisations 2.2 Evaluate the accountability mechanisms of public sector organisations 2.3 Evaluate the relevance of public sector organisations in the face of competition from other providers 2.4 Analyse the problems which may arise as a result of organisations being in the public sector

Assignment task:
Aim: -The aim of this assignment is to prepare an essay consisting of 1000 words by critically evaluating the major changes to the public sector organisations since 1995 and their changing role in the economy. Students need to undertake a secondary research by referring to relevant literatures and produce this essay.

Your essay must demonstrate the learning outcomes mentioned above by answering the questions given below and you will be assessed based on your demonstration that you have achieved the learning outcomes. Please note, that outcomes 1 and 2 will be considered while grading of the assignment.


1) Identify key issues related to changes since 1995 in public sector organisations and its impacts on the organisation with at least one example relevant to health sector.[1.1] 2) Identify key problems (from different...
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