Public Sector Management

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COURSE TITLE – Public Sector Management

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DATE – 9th November


Public Sector Management

The government of St. Lucia recently introduced a value added tax policy on the production of goods and services, in an effort to modernize the current tax system and generate revenue for the country. Under this policy, VAT is charged when taxable goods are imported or when taxable goods and services are sold or provided. VAT is added to the selling price of the goods or services. The VAT is, therefore, collected by the seller. Value added tax or VAT is commonly defined as an indirect tax charged on taxable imports and the added value to taxable goods and services, supplied to one business and to another or to a final customer. Normally, when new taxes or tariffs are introduced on imports and domestic production some analysis is conducted to determine the impact of trade, government revenue domestic industries and consumers. This is a very critical exercise because the imposition of tariffs can lead to either trade creation or trade diversion. This simply means that the taxes can provide protection for domestic producers or can help consumers. Some time in 2003 the Eastern Caribbean currency Union Authority mandated a Commission under the Chairmanship of the then Pro Vice Chancellor to the University of the West Indies, Sir Allister McIntyre to undertake a study on tax reform. This study was conducted in light of some of the developments in international trade that would have impacted negatively on Government revenue with the anticipated reduction in the rate of border taxes. Around that time, there was intense discussion on the formation of the Free Trade Area of the Americas and the Doha Round had been launched two years earlier. One of the objectives of these negotiations is the gradual reduction or in some cases the elimination of the Doha Development Agenda, Members agreed to negotiations which shall aim, by modalities to be agreed, to reduce or as appropriate eliminate tariffs, including the reduction or elimination of tariff peaks, high tariffs, and tariff escalation, as well as non tariff barriers, in particular on products of export to developing countries. As a result of these anticipated reductions in border tariffs the McIntyre Report recommended...

St. Lucia Star Newspaper – Friday 2nd November, 2012 Edition
Mr. Phillip Mc Lauren – Director of Consumer Affairs – Ministry of Commerce
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