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Brain Dead in America: One Nation under God
The great author Margaret Mead once said, “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” Americans expect their public system of education to provide a solid curriculum. There is a growing controversy in our country regarding education in private schools versus public schools. Whether or not every child should go to private schools is a decision worth questioning; however, if a child cannot handle the chaos that public schools have to offer, then the decision could be considered. Private schools are valuable and offer programs implementing great educators as well as demonstrating excellent character. In contrast, the United States prides itself on its public education system, making it an acceptable value for many families. The level of each person’s education will have influences on their career endeavors. Most of the people in the United States place their trust in the public school system in which they involuntarily support through property taxes. This trust is contradicting public system of education’s current shape towards a better America. Many of the schools in the United States are either deteriorating, or failing all together. The drawbacks of public education create an unhealthy environment for student learning. Students aren't getting the proper educational tools and with the government ahead of the students’ interest in education, they conduct the standard curriculum of learning for Americans. If public schooling serves the public interest, then it shall serve families and their children the best way it possibly can throughout involvement of teaching certain courses. Therefore, public schooling should be abolished and private schools should take their place because public schools are not working because it limits choice by having zoned school districts, larger classroom sizes, the insufficiency of budgets, and it fails to provide quality education. If children were allowed to attend the better public schools in their communities without restriction of zoning then they would have greater advantage than other children, because not all public schools are terrible. I do believe the rareness of a city having at least one public school performing higher test scores and higher graduation rates than most, but we need all public schools on board, if that were the case. Parents that cannot afford private schools are obligated to send their child to a district zoned schools, (public schools). The students have no choice, but to attend that school hoping that parent’s child’s learning is of the essence. Since it is a requirement made by the federal, state, and local government to assign zoned schools for communities, there is no doubt that these schools are not small class atmospheres that allows for a lower student-to-teacher ratio (Burke). In addition, teachers and staff don’t make it a priority to get to know each student better. For instance, if a student in class is acting out the teacher punishes the whole class instead of taking appropriate measures applicable to a particular student which is what private schools practice. Private schools hold each individual accountable for his or her actions so they will learn and understand the right or wrong of what they did. Researcher Lindsey Burke states in the “Lack of Confidence in Public Schools,” “Americans have always strived for the best. Our public schools are far from it. Across the country, just one-third of children are proficient in reading. In the urban centers, that number is tragically lower. In Chicago—where public school teachers, at the behest of the government unions, are set to strike in order to demand a 30 percent pay raise—just 15 percent of children are proficient in reading” (web). If the government is not involved in public’ school systems then things will be better. In addition, public schools should be abolished because of the insufficiency of their budgets. Public schools are receiving...
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