Public School vs. Private Schools

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Public vs. Private Schools
"You must train the children to their studies in a playful manner, and without any air of constraint, with the further object of discerning more readily the natural bent of their respective characters" (Plato). Education has increased as a topic of conversation among parents in America today. The importance of a good education has increased in value, and parents are searching for the best possible school for their child in preparation for college. Many believe the most opportune way for their child to succeed in studies is by attending a private school. On the other hand, another group of parents think that public schools are the better route. Nevertheless, public schools have been proven to be more successful in the education of a maturing child.

There are some advantages and disadvantages between public and private schools. The advantages of a public school for some families are that it is free of cost and it is convenient for them because they are usually near their homes. Public schools provide transportation for most of the students whose parents make low income. However, a private school may come out to be quite expensive and may cause some stress to the parents and students, since transportation may be a factor to get to school.

Any child could attend a public school. Public schools accept children of all ages and have special programs if they do not meet the requirements. Public schools accept disable and mentally ill students. On the other hand, if a child wants to attend a private school they must apply and meet their requirements. They shall take an exam and be able to pass and succeed in every class in order to continue school. The government pays the costs of public schools. However; the cost of a private school is at your own expense.

Some public schools are crowded with students. As population grows more, more students are in a classroom. An average class size for students now a days is around 25-40 students at...
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