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Public School vs Home School

By karmetris Feb 27, 2013 1098 Words
Home School vs Public Education
Karmetris Levins Composition and Communication/155 02/22/2013

Home schooling clearly caters more to an individual's learning pace, style, and level. It eliminates the problem of bullying, and allows a student to express themselves without fear of ridicule or failure. However, evidence suggests that the lack of opportunity to learn problem-solving and conflict resolution skills can greatly hamper a student's social development. Adults who have been home schooled are more innocent and naïve, and emerging as an adult into a ruthless society can see them taken advantage of, if proper guidance is not undertaken. Statistics and standardized test scores prove that home schooled students are in general, better educated than their public schooled peers. There are many false assumptions about how home schooling works such as : only certain families and religious home school; All research indicates that not only are home schooled students generally just as well socialized and well adjusted, but they also participate in more social activities as students and adults.

Research also shows that the public schools are very often harmful to social skills and the ability to socialize. Home schooling gives the chance to be around a wider variety of people. Home schooled students are not limited to being around only those who live in the same school district and who were born in the same twelve month period. There are so many ways to socialize beyond the box that is public school. Statistics show that the average home schooled students participates in 3x the number of extracurricular activities over their public schools counterparts. Studies also show that home schooled students are more active in their community not only when they are home schooled but also once they enter college and/or the workforce. Students in traditional school settings are confined to a building/campus an average of 7.5 hours a day 180 days a year in school.

Such segregation greatly limits the number of and types of people that those in traditional school can socialize with on a regular basis. With public education you are spending money for your personnel education and the programming. With public schooling its better experience, great socializing skills. It depends on how the student's educational situation is. Home schooled people have the benefit of being taught at their own level, in their own time, and with the learning styles that suit them best. Public education allows for parents and children to have a break from each other. Home school students achievement test scores are exceptionally high. All public school students must take standardized tests. No home school students must take standardized tests. Comparing public education students to home school students is inherently flawed. One thing to keep in mind is public schools teach to the tests and are at an unfair advantage in that regard.

Public education schooling comes with a cost. Students are exposed to different races and backgrounds. Whether it is home schooling or public education, one is not better than the other. It depends on the student as well as the person that is going to teach. Some find that home schooling gives the student more access to learning from a different perspective. As with public education, there are certain rules that the student has to follow. Home school and Public education both have their benefits, as a home schooled student receives a customized curriculum and a student attending public education schools gets to interact more with peers. Weigh the differences between home schooling and public school with advice from a home schooled specialist. To choose a home schooling programs, find textbooks written specifically for home schooling that provide lesson plans and answer keys. Customize a curriculum for home schooled students, making sure to cover a broad range of subjects, with advice from a home school specialist. Home schooling is the education of students at home, typically by parents but sometimes by tutors, rather than in other formal settings of public or home school. The most obvious difference between home school and regular school is the learning environment. When students are learning at home, they are in their comfort zone. They are learning in a safe, comfortable and very much familiar environment, which I think is good. Nonetheless, learning at school basically provides the student enough interaction with students their age, teaching them how to adapt and adjust. Public education helps students to learn how to boost their own self-esteem by working out their short-comings. Choosing between home and regular school is really something to ponder on very carefully. Critics say that home schooled students lack socialization skills. The goals of home schooling and ordinary schools differ. The main difference is really all about socialization skills. The goals of home schooling is to teach the student the necessary learning skills. ( reading, writing, math etc. ). The goal of public education is to teach those same skills along with the understanding of how to use that information during interactions with classmates and teachers.

For many families, home schooling students are viable alternative to public education for several important reasons : Strengthening the family, providing adequate education, and to promote moral and religious values. With a perceived dealing in the educational quality of the public education system in America, many people are coming to the belief that home schooling can offer them a better education and result in better opportunities later on in life. An extensive nationwide study showed that home school students out preformed their public and private school counterparts of the same age. Additionally, many people believe that public education is not up to the standards that a home school education can provide. One of the main areas of difference between home schooling vs public schools is the daily environment.

Public education schools have more difficulty getting to know each student on a personal level, and must sometimes sacrifice the needs of individual students to meet the needs of the class. Unlike public schools, where students are segregated by age and are often in classes with those who share their race and socioeconomic status. Students who are home schooled learn in a real world environment. Home schooling can be much more flexible in the terms of the material that is presented by their parents, tutor, or home school teacher. Home schooling a student runs the risk of skipping over important information that the student should learn. In public schooling, the student would be in a class of many students. A home schooled student's only possible classmates are siblings who are also schooled in the home environment.

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